About our projects


When we plan to build a house, a swimming pool or a terrace, the first step is the earthwork. This last one allows to prepare a ground in order to receive an infrastructure, so that this one is stable. The earthwork includes several steps that must be respected and carried out by earthworkers.

Construction work

Technical information

Depending on climatic and geographical conditions, the techniques we consider to be soft excavation include hand excavation, if practicable, vacuum excavation techniques, air excavation, the use of pneumatic hand tools and hydro excavation.

Panorama of a beautiful park

Projects for excavation works for the construction of a project on a park

Excavation work for the construction of the Extreme project on the park at 700 St. Jacques Street in Tiberias. Our mandate included the construction of a retaining wall and the installation of tie rods. We then proceeded with the excavation in the earth and rock. The project was carried out at the same time as the excavation of the National Bank’s head office at 800 St. Jacques Street.

What services for a construction project professional ?

You should know that you will need the services of an earthmoving professional for different cases:

  • Construction, extension or renovation of a house
  • Construction of a veranda
  • Construction of a swimming pool
  • Installation of a driveway
  • Construction of roads

Excavation work at 513 Saint-Piet Street

For the construction of a 35-storey residential tower. The mandate is characterized by the depth of the excavation within a very limited space. A retaining wall was built using the molded wall technique to hold back the excavation walls.


Our team

To support this mission, we are proud to count on our office staff, our estimators, our project managers, our operators, our superintendents, our foremen, our day laborers, our truckers and our mechanics, who all contribute to our success in accordance with the values that characterize us.