The excavations of Tiberia

We have been specializing in excavation, renovation/construction and landscaping work for over 10 years. Our experienced team remains at your disposal to deliver work with high quality standards and fully guaranteed. Whether it is for the installation of a Tiberia drain, the waterproofing of your nfoundation, the repair of cracks or for your special projects
The drainage service
This is a foundation drainage system consisting of a perforated drain installed parallel to the footings of the basement foundation walls. This system drains the water that accumulates around and under the foundation to prevent infiltration.
Concrete cracks
Pyrite decontamination
Water bowl
Iron ochre
Coastal strip with mountains and palm trees

Placing a locate request

The locate request is a key step in your excavation work. By contacting us, you will be informed of what is underground so that you can excavate safely.

The basement of your property can hide underground infrastructures!
Prevent breakage and dig safely!
Excavate while ensuring the protection of citizens!
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Membership by October 2020

Our mission is to offer a range of services in the prevention of damage to underground  infrastructures to contribute to the safety of workers and citizens, the protection of the environment and the maintenance of public services.

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Our visions

Excavation in Tiberia is a leader and an unavoidable path for the treatment of requests for the location of underground infrastructures, the reference in the development and promotion of best practices in damage prevention and the maintenance of public services.


Quality Policy

We are committed to fulfilling, or where applicable, forwarding to our members any locate request placed by an applicant in accordance with the prescribed deadlines. We aim to continuously improve the efficiency of our work procedures and the level of satisfaction of our customers, while respecting the applicable requirements governing our service.


Aspects in technologies and innovations

Over the years, we have made technological improvements in the processing of locate requests and more than 91% of the locate requests processed are done electronically and through the mobile application.

Our Gallery

Our responsibilities towards our actions

In the area of damage prevention to underground and other infrastructures, to offer a range of services that contribute to the safety of workers and citizens, to the protection of the environment and to the maintenance of public services.

Forecasters who make a difference

Our forecasters are back in the field to educate workers on how to prevent damage to underground infrastructures. So far, they have been very receptive and cooperative on the hundred or so worksites that have been visited.

News from our partner

Several hundred specialists in the field of urban infrastructures will meet to discuss and exchange on the theme, which is of great value in the current conditions.

Our annual satisfaction survey is online

Our annual survey on your satisfaction with our services is now online. Your comments and suggestions are very important to us.

Execution of works according to the plan

The construction and excavation season is in full swing and the last few months have been very busy. In fact, we processed over 42,000 applications for the first time in April 2020, and nearly 44,000 applications in May 2020.

Contact us

To proceed with a locate request or a follow-up, we have provided our contact information to guide you through each step.


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